Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the Beginning

This is how the story begins. Seth grew up in Cleveland, Ohio before his family moved to Seattle when he was in middle school. Lacey grew up in Warden, Washington and claims to be from Moscow, Idaho where her family has lived for over 20 years. Seth served a mission in Slovenija and Lacey attended BYU. After spending a semester in Nauvoo, Lacey needed a place to live back in Provo, Utah and ended up in a random complex named Monticello. The rent was cheap and the location was fabulous. Little did she know that Seth's brother and sister-in-law managed Monticello. Shortly after Lacey moved into Monticello, Seth decided to leave Seattle and moved to Provo to attend BYU. He decided to live in Monticello and work for his brother. Lacey noticed Seth singing as he worked around the complex. One night Seth was playing basketball and Lacey and her roommates got a craving for Maverick ice cream. Lacey decided to invite Seth and the rest is history.

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Jenn said...

Ha! We "got a craving for ice cream?" Ha ha ha ha! Wasn't that the plan all along? To invite Seth to come? ;-)