Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Up and Running...almost.

Well, it has almost been a week since little Koper was born and I'm feeling rather good these days. I was able to put on my regular jeans today, I couldn't button them, but they were on...
Seth did a good job with the details of Koper's arrival and what not, the only thing he left out was the fact that it took them three tries to get the epidural in. From the beginning all I have looked forward to was the epidural. Well, after nicking some nerves and causing my left leg to twitch and spasm, the guy was able to get it in. I seriously almost gave up on him and the fact that I was ever going to have more children. As the guy was getting ready for the epidural he was joking about how he hoped he could find the right spot. On the third try, he apologized for ever joking about such a thing and that he had never had a problem before. There's a chance the difficulty was caused by the car accident from last year or it was the catheter. Either way, it wasn't fun.

Some people have asked where we got the name Koper. First, it is pronounced "co-per" or "cope-er" not Cooper or Copper. Seth served his mission in Slovenija, a small country near Italy. I wanted something Slovene for a name, so we looked on the map and Koper was the only city that could pass for a name. I also like the fact that I haven't ever met anyone named Koper, thus the name has not been tainted. The night after we got home from the hospital we were watching the news and during the sports highlights they talked about some hockey player with the last name of Koper. That's the only time we've heard it.

Well that's about it for now. Weston is doing well adjusting to the baby. Some days are better than others and I'm sure he's tired of hearing how soft he needs to be with the baby or that he can't stand/jump on the baby. Needless to say, Koper doesn't leave my sight.

Hope you all are doing well.


teeny said...

how weird! i just hought that koper is almost a week old and i check your blog and youtoo are talking about it!

glad you're all doing well. any new pictures of him/

love youa ll, mom

Stephanie said...

Yeah for the jeans!! Who cares if they don't button, you just had a baby! I can't believe it took that many times for the epidural! Thank goodness it finally worked though. Glad to hear you're feeling great. We'll miss you guys at Thanksgiving. :(

Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

I am so happy to hear from you! Your little boys are very cute. I have a blog too at
Congrats on the new baby! Wendi

Tag and Tracy said...

I am so glad that you explained how to say his name because I thought it was pronounced Cooper just spelled different. I really like the name Koper. You are so creative. Congrats on the jeans. That is always very exciting.