Sunday, January 20, 2008

A day in the life of...

So, I just sat down and realized that I got to take a nap today. It wasn't one of those, I'll just sit here and wish I could take a nap naps, it was a real nap. Which got me to thinking about everything that I got to do today, nothing too spectacular. But here's my day in a nutshell...

1. Secretly wished church would be cancelled. (Not because I don't like church, but because it's something that never happens and usually it means there's a lot of snow outside.)
2. Slept in, and yet we made it to church on time, we were even early.
3. Got Weston to wear a tie to Church. Something I started convincing him of days ago.
4. Got a new calling, I was in the Primary. I'm the new Ward Bulletin Person, not Coordinator, but Person. I also get to do the Ward Bulletin Board.
5. Partied with the other nursing mothers in the Mother's Room at church.
6. Came home from church to unshoveled side walks and thanked my lucky stars that we no longer manage the apartment complex. Seth stayed out and shoveled the walks anyway because we all know it's never going to get done.
5. Ate several chocolate chip cookies my husband made yesterday. I'd rather eat butterscotch chip cookies, but these ones are fabulous!
6. Tried out a new recipe for dinner. It was only a new recipe because I've never physically made it before. Stuffed Burger Bundles ring a bell anyone?
7. Called my mom to ask her how to make said Burger Bundles.
8. Picked up the house, not physically, just all the random objects in the house.
9. Ate lunch/dinner (Sundays are really only one meal days plus a little bit of grazing.) With a little improvising, it turned out great.
10. Put Weston down for a nap, which only took seconds.
11. Folded the laundry, one of my new year's resolutions. I'm good at washing the clothes, but folding them and putting them away, that's a different story.
12. Thought about calling my brothers but decided to...
12. TAKE A NAP!!! I can't remember the last time I actually got to take a nap instead of watching everyone else take a nap. I'll call the brothers later.
13. My visiting teachers came over. I have fabulous visiting teachers.
14. Our home teachers came over. They are fabulous too, Brad took our garbage out for us on more than one occasion when I was pregnant and Seth's foot was all messed up. That's a dedicated home teacher.
15. Tried out another new recipe. This time the recipe was from a recipe swap we had awhile ago. Stacie your M&M bars are divine!
16. Worked on new words and the alphabet with Weston.
17. Watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and got a little teary eyed.
18. Enjoyed sitting on the couch with Koper while Seth got Weston ready for bed.
19. Cuddled with Weston who now calls me "Momma" instead of "Mommy." He says it like he's from the 19th century or something. Funny kid.
20. Checked out some blogs. I randomly found some friends from our old Provo ward. I followed some other blog links and found an old roommate. I love Blogger Chase (like scripture chase only with blogs.)
Of course, I fed Koper several times and changed a few diapers amongst all the fun.
So, nothing too enlightening but something completely random for you.

Tomorrow's events...
1. Work Out.
2. Do a bunch of homework. I should be done with my lessons by the end of the month and then I'll have two tests to take in February. If all goes as planned I'll be a college grad next month. Some people have become doctors in the time that it's taken me to finish, but what fun would that have been?

Peace Out.


teeny said...

my goodness! you fit alot in on one sunday! i'm very impressed. you didn't call me either but i wonuld have taken a nap too.

weston is too cute!

love, your mother -in-law

Stephanie said...

You've inspired me to accomplish something today! ;o) By the way, I'm totally with you on the laundry thing. It must be a mom thing . . . or the fact that it takes me so long to do all the laundry by the time I get to putting it all away I've run out of steam. Oh well, this too shall pass . . . when you have kids old enough to put their OWN clothes away! ;o)

Webers said...

What can I say... you are awesome, and reading that makes me tiered and hungry!! ;) Brad came home from home teaching telling me all about the scooter and how Riley would love it! You are such a good mom!

Kevin and Lisa said...

We're still waiting for you to's not like you're that busy!!!

Anonymous said...

Lacey, you crack me up!