Thursday, January 3, 2008

Super Nanny, you are my hero...

So, last night we watched Super Nanny because nothing else was on and I actually enjoy her. Well, after conversing with my physical therapist this morning about last night's episodes, I decided we needed to confront Weston's sleeping habits. Weston has been known to work his parents over when it comes to when and where he sleeps. He loves sleeping in his doorway which he calls his "spot." He makes himself a little bed and brings all his little friends to his spot. After he gets tired of laying there, he starts to cry, we let him wear himself out a bit and then eventually he ends up on the couch or yellow chair with us.
Well, tonight I decided to be firm and an hour and a half later...Weston is sleeping in his bed. He's been asleep for almost an hour now and I don't know what to do with my time. :)

Life is getting back on track for our little family. When they say you need about six weeks to adjust to life with a new baby, they mean it. After Weston was born, I was ready to go in no time. Not so much this time around. I feel like we (mostly me) are starting to pull out of it and I am excited for Seth to start school again so that we can have a schedule.

The holidays treated us well. It was fun to have family in town and Weston loved spending time with his cousins. After Koper was born, I went back to physical therapy for my back, neck, hip, etc. At my appointment this morning I actually felt like we're making progress. So, like I said, I'm starting to pull out of it. My next goal (besides graduating from college...) is to take some really cute pictures of the boys and post them. They have both changed so much lately. About a week ago I decided to cut Weston's hair, it is so much shorter than I wanted, but we needed to start over. I had given him too many crazy haircuts, so it's nice to have a clean slate. Koper is packing on the pounds and will most likely catch up to Weston in the next few months...hopefully not though.

Hope you all are doing well!!!

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Brant & Leslie said...

Wow-I just read your post about Weston- the pansy has blossomed!!! Way to go! The pictures of Koper on Dad's blog make him look really old. Wish we could have stuck around a little longer.