Thursday, June 19, 2008

vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl...

This is my latest vinyl project. My friend Katie emailed me the idea and this is my translation. I love vinyl (imagine that...) It is just so crisp and clean. The cool thing about this idea is that you can take any word, use any fonts, and any color to match your room. The possibilities are endless.

Here's my display at Now and Then. The store has totally been transformed by the magical eye of Pat. She has done such a great job of turning it into a cute little store.

As much as I love vinyl, Weston loves horses. He can't stop talking about how his daddy works with Horses. We took him to the Appaloosa Horse Club a couple of weeks ago and he enjoyed playing with the horses.
That's about it for the Jones family, vinyl and horses.
Hope everyone else is well!


tonksfam said...

YAY for vinyl lettering! And yay for the Appaloosa Horse Club! Boy, I miss that place. It's good to know that you and Weston can be around your loves so much ;)

teeny said...

lacey, that looks so good! you went right hoe and did it. good for you!

and now i know what to get weston for his b-day!

love, teeny

Stephanie said...

Fun fun . . . I miss you already! I feel like we didn't even catch up that much! That's what happens when you've got kids running around. I went to the zoo today and the kids kept telling me how we were there with Aunt Lacey last time and kept asking why she isn't here. They miss you too!

The Jensen Fam said...

Lacey. Your "Family" vinyl frames look awesome. It turned out great. I hope things are going well for you and that you are keeping busy with your business.