Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're in Seattle!

On Saturday, Seth's mom called and told us that his dad had collapsed while working on Saturday morning. Something was going on with his legs, he was in the hospital and he couldn't really move them. With that information, we decided to take a quick trip to Seattle and left Moscow on Saturday night. We were thinking we would just drive home Sunday, Monday at the latest. It's Tuesday, we're still in Seattle and we probably will stay until later in the week.
Get this. The tendons in Seth's dad's knees pulled away from the knee caps and have to be reattached, in both knees. The doctors are still baffled as to why it happened. They've seen it happen to athletes before but only in one knee, so it's kind of a crazy thing.
We've enjoyed being here with Seth's mom and trying to help where we can. Weston has loved playing with his cousins! Yesterday we went to a bounce house and had a blast. I felt like an American Gladiator as Seth and I tried to race through the obstacle course. What a work out.
Thanks to all those that have expressed their concern for Seth's dad. We have some amazing friends!


Melissa said...

Well at least they know the problem and are able to fix it.
And it sounds like you guys are making the most of it, so that's great.

Heather said...

Yikes! Hope he is doing better now, our thoughts and prayers are with him and you guys!

Yearsley couple said...

Hey darlin,
Send our love to Seth's dad. We will keep him in our prayers. I hope all is going well for you. We are heading up to Moscow next week, maybe I will be able to see you !! I hope. love ya tons!!