Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sound of Rock 'N Roll

The other day Weston decided to make this box into a drum, a very loud drum. When I asked him to stop because it was too loud he said, "That's the sound of rock 'n roll, Mom."

P.S. The box also doubles as a present that he wraps and unwraps each morning with painters tape and his scissors. He always makes sure to use lots of tape and puts it under the tree once it's wrapped.


Ritchie Family Blog said...

That is SOOO cute!!! I love it! He must get that from his daddy. The other night I came over and Seth was rockin' out to some kind of rock 'n roll music with the boys. It was funny. I think that rock 'n roll class must have got him goin again!

BreAnn said...

that's hilarious!! i love the things kids say/do...especially yours :)

Dorese said...

So adorable!

Melissa said...

He's right Lacey it's just the rock n roll way.
I know I owe you money.
Thanks for being patient.
You'll have to wait till Jan to get it.

Stace said...

That is hilarious! Happy holidays you guys!