Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Recommendation

Seth went to Redbox yesterday and came back with this little treat. When it's late at night and I sit down to watch a movie, I usually pass out. But I stayed awake for this one. I loved it! It was actually a good/fun chic flick. So go get it.


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Sweet! I have been looking for a good flick for awhile now... I will have to get this one next! Thanks Lace.

teeny said...

i rented it too lacey! i liked it too! it was cute! love, me

Stephanie said...

Oooh, I've been telling everyone lately how much I loved this movie! I haven't heard if the book was good, but I just love that actress. The guy isn't too bad either, know what I mean?? ;o)
Oh, and I was going to email you, but while I've got your attention, I DO indeed still have your photos from the wedding. I only lost pics from my nephew's graduation. I'll call you to figure out the logistics of getting them to you.
Love you guys!

Natalie said...

My mom and I watched this the other night. I LOVED it too!