Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cardboard Boxes

I came home from a baby shower yesterday to find a clean house and the sound of Seth vacuuming. I also found this in the boy's room. They were keeping safe from the vacuum.

They both had a pillow in their box and toys to keep them company. Oh to be young and in love with cardboard boxes. Does anyone else remember refrigerator boxes, black sharpie pens, and Atari controllers? We made some pretty cool forts/flying machines back in the day.


nicole said...

that is such a cute picture. My kids love the vacuum, I can't get them to go away when I am vacuuming. I think my kids are a little backwards.

Melissa said...

I loved the Atari!!
My kids love boxes too.
Yours are pretty cute and looked like they got the protection they needed from the vacuum.
Way to go Seth.

Stephanie said...

That's too cute. My kids love pushing each other around in those like cars. Of course, then I love using them when they're all done as D.I. boxes!

Adam & Rachel said...

I can't believe how big your boys have gotten! Congratulations on the soon to be new little one. We wish you a speedy and safe delivery and recovery!