Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craft Fair and Gallbladder

So, life is crazy and I don't have much time to blog these days. Weston is loving preschool and is starting to read!!! It has been really fun to watch. I love to read and I have always tried to get him to just sit and read books for quiet time, but he hasn't been too interested. But now that he is starting to read, he'll actually do it. He loves to write words and figure how to spell them. As I work with him on different sounds the letters make it's a wonder that anyone ever learns to read. The english language has some crazy rules!
Koper is trying to keep up with Weston and when Weston isn't here, Koper usually finds some way to get himself in trouble. Earlier this summer while Seth was in Seattle, I was home with the kids for four weeks, without cable and no car (and we walked to school bare foot uphill both ways...) No seriously, we were without cable for ten weeks!!! But anyways, that's not the point. During that time I learned that as Koper's mother, I should never be too shocked at anything he does. He's a really fun kid, but he just seems to find little things to do that turn into big messes. The other day I ignored this fact and while chatting on the phone I walked into the kitchen to find a whole box of dish detergent poured out on the diswasher door and topped with liquid dish soap. I tried to clean it up the best I could, but towards the end, the best solution was to run a load. I didn't think there was much liquid soap left on the door, but there was enough to make a big pile of suds on our floor. Who knew... Later that day I picked Weston up from preschool and he had drawn all over his face... I probably should have washed it off before we went to the grocery store, but I didn't. I also let Koper wear his black church shoes without socks with his little running shorts and Weston's big t-shirt to the store. So, if you saw us, I do take care of my children occassionally, but I guess I've just gotten used to their craziness. I have turned into one of those moms...
The WSU craft fair is this Friday and Saturday!!! My friend Lydia will be joining me with her awesome Heritage Makers projects, so it should be tons of fun. If you're in the area you should come see us, we'll both have lots of fun projects that you can personalize as gifts for the holidays.
Next Monday, right after the craft fair I'll be going under the knife to have my gallbladder removed. It started bugging me a year ago when I was pregnant with Ivan. The tests finally showed that it was bad enough to remove when the semester started and I was trying to wait until Christmas break to have it done, but I can't wait. I'm done dealing with it. I'm a little nervous, I've never had surgery before but it shouldn't be too bad. My parents are here to help and Seth's mom is coming to help shuttle the kids around.
That about sums up our life. I'll leave you with a picture of Ivan...


Melissa said...

Good luck Lacey.
Let us know how it goes.
I'd like a video of Weston reading!!
It'd be awesome to see the kids, I know Masaru would love it.
Masaru's primary presentation is this Sunday, wanna place bets to whether he says his part infront of everyone?
Miss you

Missy G said...

Love that pic of Ivan! Good luck with the surgery. And the craft fair.

Ashley said...

hey i want to go to the craft fair, will you email me times and exactly where?

The Crandizzles said...

Good luck with the surgery and the craft fair! Hope all goes well!

And Ivan has changed so much! He totally looks like your other boys now!

Cierra said...

Hey Lacey! I hope everything went well yesterday & that you have a quick recovery. It was fun running into you at the store by the way! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog, you have such a cute family & I love seeing your projects!