Saturday, October 30, 2010

FINALLY!!! Pics of our New Baby!!!

So, we've been wanting to get a scooter for a long time, for me (Seth), to use for school since we only have one car now. After months of looking and deciding on old or new, we went with new and bought a Yamaha Zuma 125 from our local dealer who was very easy to work with and did not charge us all of the extra fees that other dealers wanted to charge. It has been very convenient and fun to ride. So far there has only been a couple of times that I have had to ride it in the rain but it has been okay. The kids really enjoy going for short rides on it too. Lacey is still trying to build up her riding confidence so that she can ride it too. I need to take her for a ride to show her how easy it is. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Weston voluntered to take it for the first drive.

The side view.

The angled view.

The front view.

Another side view in case you missed the first one.


Travis said...

I like it. Nice choice on color. Maybe we can cruise town together sometime...I guess if we lived in the same town that would be easier.

Sarah said...

Seth, congratulations on your new scooter! So fun! Hey I wanted to let you know that we are having a 10 year mission reunion (from when the Strongs came home) on March 26th here in Utah Valley. It is a reunion only for missionaries that served under President Strong. Will you send me your email address so I can send you the information? My email is sarahebert at gmail dot com. Sure love and miss you! Hope all is going well. :) Sarah