Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

So, this is what we got in our basket today!
Bananas, oranges, pears, mangos, grapefruits, a pineapple,
cucumber, mushrooms, lettuce, radishes.
All for $15.00!!!
I'm so excited for this program to come to Moscow!!!
It's so easy to do, go to
and order a basket between 11AM Monday - 11AM Tuesday.
You pay online and then pick your basket up on Saturday.
Currently, the site is in Pullman and we're close
to getting a site in Moscow!
The site is operated by volunteers and if you volunteer
you usually get to bring home extras!!!
If you are not in Moscow, there are sites in several different states.

If you can't tell, I love the program and we've only been doing it for a
couple of weeks!  We've really enjoyed learning
what to do with the different items we get.

When you order a basket, you do not get to choose
what goes in it.  So, you get to enjoy a little variety in your life!

The website is a little vague, but it really is a simple process.
You participate when you want to.
There is no committment.

Leave a comment if you have questions!


Jennie Kunz said...

It's so fun huh?! I LOVE this program! YUM!

teeny said...

great idea! going to see if we have it here. thanks!