Sunday, February 13, 2011

Child #3 turns 1

My little Ivan turned 1 today!!! 
 I can't believe he's already one. 
We had the family over for cake and ice cream tonight to celebrate. 
Here's the evening in pictures.
The cake...I had high hopes for this cake, but in the end, this is the simplest version that ran through my head.  I ran low on time and the chocolate frosting was too soft so it kind of melted together.  My goal was to highlight Ivan and his hair, so I used this stick figure.  If I had a little more time/energy, I would have loved to carve a stick figure cake.  Maybe next year???

Extra cupcakes just in case the cake was a total flop.

The Birthday Boy!!!

He was starting to get the hang of opening presents.  The only hard part was that he would open a present and then we would take it away so that he could open another one.  Sorry kid.

This is how you know he is child #3.  Huggies!!! (I couldn't be more excited!!!)
And this is what we gave him.  I took Weston and Koper to the store yesterday to pick something out for him and the practical side of me just couldn't buy another toy.  We have so many and he's only one.  Besides, this is what he loves to play with.  So, for a $3.97 we got him a set of measuring cups.  We also got him two sets of those silver condiment cups.  They were $0.97/set.  Guess what his favorite toys were tonight??? (Besides the diaper box.)
 Once again, child #3.
Seth had to blow the candle out before Ivan grabbed it.
He loved every bite! 
I loved that the frosting matched his shirt.

Happy Birthday Ivan!!!


Brittanie said...

Happy birthday! I totally hear you with the third child thing! NO MORE TOYS! I feel the same exact way.

Kevin and Lisa said...

I liked your gift ideas! Happy b-day I-van! K-evin o-ut.

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to the sweet boy.
Man those cupcakes look awesome and that cake turned out fantastic.
I dunno what you're complaining about.
I bet it tasted great as well.
I think it's so funny the presents you got him.
I don't with my kids getting toys as well.

Missy! said...

The cake looks great!

teeny said...

oh so cute! he has grown so much! and the cake is great!!!!! i saw it in the pan and it reminded me of our birthdays! it can't get any better!! and the gifts are the best!

Dustin and Nicole said...

What? When did he turn one? Where did the last year go? Crazy! Looks like a fun birthday measuring cups and all!