Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to start
Ivan refusing to have his picture taken

Look closely and you can see the eggs.

Koper surveying the remaining loot from the Easter Bunny.
He had already gone through his basket and was waiting for everyone else to wake up.

Looking cute among the chaos of family pictures.

The Boys




The Fam
It's also our 7th Anniversary today.  Seth and the boys bought me these flowers last night.
Our Engagement Photo

One of my favorites.


Melissa said...

Love those last pic's.
Happy Easter guys.

Jennie Kunz said...

7 years!! Congrats! You two are darling! And your kids are even more so! HAPPY EASTER!

Natalie said...

Your boys looks so cute in their Easter colors. Great pictures!

The Jones Family said...

all the pictures are so cute! the boys have grown so much! can't wait to see you all! love

Kristen said...

Your boys are so cute. Happy 7th, too.

Brant and Leslie said...

I love these pictures. I am so sad we are not closer. I would not recognize these handsome boys. They are so cute! Time flies when you're having fun! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey,

This is Pam Pettry, from KY. Your grandparents, Kenneth and Leona Zirker baptisted my husband and I in 1986. They also went to the Salt Lake Temple with us and then we visited at their home in Warden, WA. You were about 6 years old at that time. Anyway I was searching for Kenneth, because we knew that Leona had passed away several years ago. I discovered that Kenneth passed away in 4-2010. I was sad to find this out. Anyway I just wanted to let him know that our oldest son Adam Pettry will be married in the Louisville Temple on 6-18-2011, and our youngest son, Travis Pettry is currently serving in the Italy, Rome mission. He just arrived in Italy about 2 weeks ago. Our family is very grateful for the mission that your grandparents served. We are very thankful that they taught us the gospel and mentored and cared for us as new members in a very small struggling branch. They both meant a great deal to us.

I have no doubt that your grandparents missionary efforts will continue to bear fruit over the years.