Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weston's Birthday

Today is Weston's birthday
and he was so excited!!!
I actually liked shopping for him this year because he is actually 'into' things
and he loved his presents.
Koper loved Weston's presents too and tried to be patient
but it was hard.
He did manage to end the day with two presents of his own,
so maybe he shouldn't feel so bad... 
I'm probably the one who should feel bad.
Weston requested a Batman cake but I wimped out and
printed a picture of Batman, taped it to a plastic spoon and stuck it in the cake.
My excuse...the frosting was too soft to pipe anything on.
The real excuse...I'm lazy...
I frosted it with chocolate pudding and cool whip frosting.
I highly recommend it.
Happy Birthday Weston!!!


Melissa said...

If Weston liked it, who cares.
Happy birthday Weston.
We miss you...........well mostly Masaru.

teeny said...

such a big boy! happy 6th birthday again weston!!!!