Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Koper turns 4

Koper decided that his favorite blanket was one of my old ones from high school.
It was starting to fall apart and every time I washed it, we seemed to lose a little more of it.
I made him a new blanket using my old one as the middle. 
How old are ya Koper? 
Helping make his cake. 
All he wanted was an M&M cake.
I thought I was pretty smart when I finished his cake hours ahead of his party.
I made a pudding/cool whip frosting and apparently if you put
M&M's on it and then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours,
the M&M's will sweat and you'll end up with a lava cake.
Oh well, better luck next time. 
Here he is with his new and improved blanket.
He was excited about it until he realized that he couldn't
actually see his/my old blanket.
He's warming up to it though. 
Beyblades are big in our family right now and he was excited to get his own. 
Blowing out the candles. 
Beyblade tournament with the cousins.

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