Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

We're in Seattle this year for Christmas.
Christmas eve we opened new jammies and attempted to take a family picture.
Not everyone wanted to play along. 
We're getting there... 
The whole fam in our new jammies. 
Our letters and treats for Santa. 
Seth recently discovered buckeye treats in honor of his Ohio roots,
so we started a new tradition of making some for Santa. 
I think I woke up every hour on Christmas eve/morning.
Once seven o'clock hit and everyone was still sleeping,
I started waking people up.
Koper wanted nothing to do with me at that point and refused to get up. 
At this point he was still hoping for a motorcycle,
when he realized it wasn't going to happen, he handled it very well. 
Koper decided to join us. 
The tent in the background was our homemade present this year. 
Mom helped me put it together and did most of the sewing.
It fits over a card table. 
Santa must have had too much eggnog when he
decided to give this bag of 100+ playland balls to Ivan.
I'm sure we'll end up taking a few less home. 
This kid was pretty chill while everyone opened presents.
All he wanted was his jersey and bag of cereal.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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Melissa said...

Merry Christmas guys.
Thank goodness ther'es ONE picture of you.