Thursday, December 29, 2011


I finally added some updates.  I figured I better do it now while I have some time before this baby comes.
I've been having contractions for the past couple of months and they are getting stronger.
He is measuring large, super large and I have an excess amount of amniotic fluid once again.
Which means I'm measuring larger than life and I have been asked if it's just one baby.
I've also been told that I'm huge, trust me I know I am.
I'm hoping he'll come early.  It would be ideal for the rest of us if he showed up
sometime before Seth starts school (his last semester!!!)
Time will tell.

Enjoy the updates!


Natalie said...

Oh wow! Sounds like a lot is going on for you guys. Congratulations on the baby and the last semester! Good luck with everything coming up!

Melissa said...

I want a pregnancy shot.