Thursday, February 9, 2012

If only it were that simple...

Rather than do the dishes or never ending laundry, I thought I would stop and record this little conversation Weston and I had the other night.
Weston was supposed to be in bed, going to sleep but he decided to come and chat with me about something that was bugging him.  He said that one of his friends kept saying words we don't use and taking the Lord's name in vain.  He was pretty frustrated because he had asked her to stop but she wouldn't.  He was having a hard time with it and said, "It's like she doesn't even go to church."  I informed him that not everyone goes to church and knows about Heavenly Father and Jesus.  I was searching for some sort of motherly advice that would calm him down but I had nothing.  All of a sudden he came up with a plan to help his friend.  He ran to his room and got his little picture of Christ and said, "I'll show her this, that will prove it to her."  Again, I stumbled through some response and he just said, "But here's the proof" and pointed to his picture of Christ.  If only it were that simple my little Weston.


Melissa said...

You know Masaru had mates who took the Lords name in vain.
it was a big issue for a while. He was quite tender about it for a few months.
He's seemed to settle down a little now.
Ihope the picture helps this girl.
This deserved the dishes to wait.

Tracy Giles said...

What a sweet, sweet story.