Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming Fireworks!!!

We had a really fun weekend these past couple of days. Weston has been super sick and has had a hard time sleeping the past couple of nights but we still managed to have some fun. Friday was the U of I's homecoming. They decided to try and bring back some old traditions this year, one of which was fireworks!!! I was so excited. They don't have fireworks in July anymore so it had been awhile since Moscow had seen a good show. Seth and I left Weston with my parents and then went to stake out a spot where my family used to watch the fireworks. I thought there would be tons of people. When we arrived in front of the University Inn, there was one car of girls waiting in the parking lot and no one on the lawn. So we set our chairs out on the lawn and waited for the show. It was totally awesome! The show only lasted for ten minutes but it was the best finale I have ever seen. Our camera battery died after a couple of shots so we didn't get any good ones, but it was still cool!

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