Saturday, April 19, 2008

Words by Weston

Weston has been known to say some funny things. Here's his latest...

Seth and Weston went to the store the other day. While in the parking lot, Weston noticed the moon was out and said, "Look the balloon!" Why he calls it the balloon, I don't know. It was still light outside so the moon wasn't shining it was just white.

Later that night as he was getting ready for bed, Weston noticed the moon was shining and said, "Look, the balloon turned on."


teeny said...

goodness! where do these kids come up with the things they say! it's just amazing to me! cutey pie! love, gramma

The Jensen Fam said...

We miss you guys! Megan and Weston would make the funniest little pals if we were still there. Megan says some pretty silly things too. It's cute. Hope you guys are doing good!