Sunday, August 17, 2008


Nothing says summer like swim trunks, a toy truck, grandma's house, a hose, a baseball helmet, crocs, a heavy aluminum bat and an arm band. Actually, that probably all sums up boyhood.

We've been doing a "little" bit of traveling lately. We headed off to my family's reunion in Provo via Seattle, I know it is out of the way, just a tad. We stopped off at Seth's parent's house for the weekend and Seth helped clean out their garage and I got to do a little rearranging inside. I loved it. I would love to work for "Clean Sweep" on TLC. There's just something about getting rid of clutter and making a new space. We were also there for a baby blessing.

We drove from Seattle to Provo in one shot making the trip in a healthy 16 hours. And no, we did not have a DVD player and yes we survived. The kids did awesome. Weston loved watching everything out the window. We had tons of fun with the family in Provo. Sorry we weren't able to get together with everyone else, there was just too much to do. We drove another straight shot and arrived home after a short 12 hour car ride.

Hope everyone is doing well.


tonksfam said...

Wow, that's a long ride for the kids! But we totally agree: DVD players and other such things are totally unnecessary :) Glad you had fun! And, yeah, that photo totally says "summer."

Jay and Camille said...

I tagged you! Check out my blog.