Tuesday, September 16, 2008

and we're back...

Weston fell asleep while I was vacuuming and Koper is destroying a cardboard box, so I thought I would take a little moment to update the blog. We've been busy with work, school and life. I recently discovered my creative side again and have been working on "projects." My goal is for them to not take more than two weeks to finish. My original goal was one week but I'm already behind, so I changed my goal.
We went to the Latah County Fair this past weekend. Weston loved the animals and tractors! I love this action shot of him driving the tractor. He even had to wear his "farm hat." Friday night after the fair, we spent the night at my parent's house. Weston, Seth and my dad slept in tents in the backyard and my mom, Koper and I slept inside. Camping just ain't(that's right I said ain't) what it used to be for me anymore. I'm hoping to change my attitude in a couple of years so that my kids can enjoy some fun family campouts.
Koper is getting huge. He's starting to mimic our words and I love it. Last night he even did a few fake laughs for us. He's an awesome kid. As I type, he has ventured away from the cardboard box and has found some vinyl scraps... That pretty much sums up my life.

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