Tuesday, September 16, 2008

one of my projects

For months now, I have resisted the urge to vinyl everything in our apartment. I finally gave in with the reasoning that this is just a small space. I'm sure I'll do more damage later, I have plans for the boys room next, and my bathroom... Take a look at the green vase I found at Safeway's new and improved floral department! I love it and it was only $15.00 and I had a gift card! So, it was practically free!!!


tonksfam said...


And that brings up a good point. We have vinyl lettering in our apartment too, but we're going to be moving soon. You're an expert! How do we get it off the wall nicely? We don't want to save the vinyl or anything, we just want our landlord to not curse us (he LOVES his building).

Stephanie said...

This confirms it, what I've been saying for the past week . . . I need someone else to decorate our house. I've discovered I have something in mind, but whatever I've done is definitely NOT it. I need help. This looks great!