Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

I have been so giddy for Christmas this year and it's almost here. Of course, I am not ready but have enjoyed the time leading up to Christmas. I am hoping to post some pictures (rather than send out last year's Christmas letter...) in the near future. Baby #3 is making sure that I slow down these days and I hope to have some time to blog. But for the time being, here's the skinny on us.

Seth - is still working with the Vandal football team and will be headed down to Boise next week for the Humanitarian Bowl for a couple of days. It was a crazy semester balancing school and volunteering in the Strength and Conditioning department, but it was well worth it. Seth has enjoyed his time with the athletes and we've enjoyed a few sporting events with the kids. Whenever Koper sees anything Vandal oriented he yells, "Go Vandals!"

Lacey- Vinyl is keeping me super busy and it's been fun meeting new customers and fans of strawberrypearl. I did my last craft fair the beginning of this month and now I am focusing on baby #3. Our next little boy is keeping us on our toes already. I've had a few issues along the way and we'll be grateful to hit the 36 week mark in four weeks and deliver this baby safely some time after that. Until then, I've been told to take it easy and let others do things for me... We have a fabulous support team of family and friends and are grateful to be here in Moscow at this time.

Weston and Koper - keep us laughing with their grown up statements and antics. They are very excited about Christmas and the snow!!! The best memory of this season has been Koper re-discovering snow. He does not remember it from last year and wasn't so sure about it at first. When it first started snowing, he laid down on his belly with his teddy bear tucked under his arm and pointed out the glass door at my parent's house asking his bear, "See the snow? See the snow?" It was adorable. My parents took us to Disney on Ice in Spokane a couple of weeks ago and Weston and Koper couldn't have been more mesmerized. It was awesome. Since then, Weston has been in love with Tinkerbell and more recently, Cinderella. I was getting a little worried that my son was watching Cinderella so much that he was starting to sing songs from the movie. I knew all was well and that we haven't warped him too much when he started adding such words as poop to the songs. He's still all boy!!!
That's a brief skinny on us. I'll try to post pictures from this past semester tomorrow.
Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!!!


Dustin and Nicole said...

Merry Christmas Lacey! Can't wait to see the pictures...

Stace said...

I hope all is well for the next couple of weeks and baby can get here safely! Stay off your feet girl! Happy holidays!

Ashley said...

I hope all goes well with the baby, what is wrong? I should come over and visit you sometime, maybe yours will come before mine