Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waiting Game...

At the beginning of the month we found out I am measuring four weeks ahead of schedule with this little baby of ours. Normally, that would sound kind of exciting, thinking that the baby may come earlier than expected. However, measuring that far ahead could mean that something is going on. So, we had an ultrasound and found that I have too much amniotic fluid. The baby is measuring well (his head is a little big...but that's normal.) Too much amniotic fluid could signal a variety of things good and bad. The baby actually keeps the fluid in balance by drinking it and peeing it out. So, having too much could mean that there is something going on with his digestive system. Like I said though, it could be fine and it could be something else. Time will tell.
Because of the increase in fluid, I get to have non-stress tests every week where they monitor the baby and my uterus. I failed the first one because I was having contractions every four minutes. So they shot me up with some medicine and told me to rest. I now get to sit on the couch and let other people do things for me and not feel guilty about it (at least I'm not supposed to feel guilty about it...)
Seth went down to the Vandal game on Monday and was able to come home last night with the team. The boys and I stayed at my parent's house and they've been taking great care of us.
The Vandal game was awesome!!! It was also fun to see Seth on TV and he was in heaven on the sidelines.
So, for now we wait...I have three more weeks until I hit the safe zone of 36 weeks. Let's just hope I don't go over.
Thanks everyone for all your support and prayers. We have awesome friends and family!!!


Melissa said...

I can't believe you STILL don't know.
Sorry man.
I'm glad everyone's looking after you.
Where's your visiting teachers?
They're suppose to be looking after you.
Slackers man. I'd ask for new ones.
When the going get tough, they get going ;)

Brad and Marissa said...

We totally saw Seth on TV during the bowl game!
We hope that things turn out well with the baby.

Natalie said...

How frustrating not to know yet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. This little guy has a tough ans positive Mama. We look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Jay and Camille said...

Lacey, I feel for you! On the bright side you get to see your baby more often and you are reassured that things are going well. You are in great hands, those nurses and that Dr. of yours will take great care of you! Keep us posted. You are in our prayers.

Stace said...

Good luck! Sam had extra fluid with her second and Kenna was fine, but she did have to have a c-section. Everything went well, though. I hope you can rest! The Vandal game was great wasn't it??!!

Ashley said...

we will pray for you and your new little guy, I hope everything goes well, let me know if you need anything, someone to watch the kids or dinner :)

nicole said...

I will also pray for you! I am sure everything will be ok. You were wanting some time off... Enjoy the pampering while it lasts! We saw Seth on tv too. I was up in Moscow these past couple days I should have come by to see you, I will call you next time I'm up there..

the mrs. said...

Oh Lacey-I wish we lived in Moscow and could come help out!! And I think you are very blessed to surrounded by all those boys!
Rudy so wishes he could have been Seth-you should have heard the hollering at our house last Wednesday.
We will be praying for you, too!
It's so wonderful to "found" you :)!

Jennie Kunz said...

Keep the updates coming. Love ya!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update. Good luck! We'll keep you all in our prayers. Thank goodness your parents are close by.