Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was going through the pictures on my camera and realized I still haven't posted pictures of Koper's birthday... So, for posterity's sake I give you Koper's 2nd Birthday.
Koper loves dogs. My parents gave him this dog named Barley. We also have a smaller version of Barley in our stuffed animal collection. After Ivan was born, Koper put the two puppies together and now the smaller one is Barley's baby. It's cute.


Melissa said...

Great job on the cake man. I TOTALLY FORGOT I wanted to see that.
Koper is a cutie.
Thanks for taking Masaru today. He had a great time. I hope he was good.

Stephanie said...

That cake is SO cute! You can tell you're an artiste!

Stace said...

Your cake is adorable! Happy birthday little man and good luck with the potty training! :)

nicole said...

that cute is very cute, and Koper is adorable! I love it

teeny said...

how cute are these pictures? really cute!
and bribery is ok if it's for a good cause and i think potty training is a good thing!