Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I guess a mother's love really is blind, because the only way I could tell the baby pictures apart was by their clothing. How did you guys figure it out? They all look the same to me. Yes, there are subtle differences, but they look very similar to me and I'm their mother!!!

So the answer is:


Congrats to you all, but mostly to Melissa because she was the first to get it right and she asked for a public congrats and she's cool too. Good job everybody else.


Melissa said...

Thank you, thank you.
I'll be expecting gifts on my doorstep for my return on Thursday afternoon ;)

teeny said...

i got it right and i didn't cheat! yahoo for the gramma! do i know my grandchidren or what?

Katie and Tyler said...

Congrats on your new little man. He is adorable. I can't believe how much hair your babes are born with. So cute!!