Monday, March 15, 2010

Match-A-Baby Pic

Lacey and I thought that it would be fun to see if our friends and family could tell our three boys apart based on some baby pictures. So try your best and match the baby name to the baby picture. Weston, Koper, and Ivan just to remind you of their names. The pictures are in no particular order, of course. Thanks for playing and good luck!

Baby #1 - Who am I?

Baby #2 - Who am I?

Baby #3 - Who am I?


Travis said...

Ivan, Koper, Weston?

Melissa said...

#1 Koper
#2 Ivan
#3 Weston

You can congratulate me publicly and shower me with gifts.

Ben and Jade said...

1. Koper
2. Ivan
3. Weston

And no, I didn't cheat off Melissa.

Stephanie said...

Wow, Weston looks distinctly different, but the other two look so much alike. I guess, Ivan, Koper, then Weston.

The Jensen Fam said...

So cute! You have three handsome little boys Lacey!
1.Koper 2.Ivan 3.Weston

Dustin and Nicole said...

I guess
Koper, Ivan, Weston.
Weston does look a lot different.

teeny said...

1 - koper
2. - ivan
3. - weston
please let me right. but remember lacey when we were sitting in r.s. and i said they could be triplets!