Saturday, April 24, 2010


Our morning started off a little rocky... Koper has been doing very well with the potty training thing but he woke up soaking wet this morning. Of course, he denied that he was soaking wet (he denies everything right now...) but I made him get changed anyway. While I was getting his clothes ready, he peed on the floor. So into the shower he went and it was cold!!! Poor kid.
I have since escaped the chaos to check my email and blogs. As I write, Weston and Koper are flushing fish food down the toilet waiting for Weston's fish to come back. We flushed little Nemo over a year ago. He has the fish net ready and just asked for a bowl to put the fish in when it comes back.
My mom just sent me an email wishing us a happy anniversary. I totally forgot it was today. Happy Anniversary Seth, may the next six years be just as fun.


Melissa said...

Imagine if nemo DID come back?
That would rock their worlds.
Thanks for yesterday.

Dustin and Nicole said...

funny, I forgot our anniversary last august. Dustin was so glad that I forgot and not him :)

Roxy said...

you should totally put a fish in the toilet before they wake up in the morning and have them go in and see.

teeny said...

where did you end up going out to eat for your anniversary? did you go anywhere? i know thought that it's busy times for you right now!