Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We're home and getting ready for school. Seth will start his masters next week and Weston gets to start preschool soon. I am so excited. I was very hesitant to send him to preschool and was having a hard time finding one that I liked. But I finally did, and I am so excited for him!!! I can't wait for his first day!!! I'm probably more excited than he is.
But the biggest, craziest thing is the fact that I'll be joining Seth and Weston in their academic pursuits. A series of events and conversations have led Seth and I to decide that I should go back to school. Say what? Yep, I'll be working on my second bachelors degree, this time in nutrition. I know it's crazy, but we're going for it. The ultimate goal will be for Seth and I to team together and work with people as they train. Seth will do the fitness part and I will do the nutrition part. That's the ultimate goal with some stepping stones in between.
Because I already have a bachelors degree I won't need to complete the full bachelors program and will only have to do 32 credits. So, we're jumping in slow and I will probably only take one or two classes this semester so that we can figure out how to juggle everything.

But enough about that, the purpose of this post was to tell you about a great giveaway. Check out where Jocelyn is teaming up with Cocoa of Chocolate on My Cranium to celebrate 15 years of the Family Proclamation. They are hosting lots of cute giveaways with one from yours truly.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!


Natalie said...

Good for you Lacey. Miss you guys!

Missy G said...

That is so exciting Lacey! What a fun thing it will be to work together!

Ben and Jade said...

I love it. LOVE it. Love it. It'll be tough, but you'll always be so glad you did it. And it probably won't be as tough as you're imagining it will be. Super jealous, super excited for you.

Josh Healy said...

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