Thursday, September 16, 2010


We came home from dropping Weston off at preschool today (he gets to stay an extra hour today for a pizza it!!!) and I unstrapped Ivan from his carseat to roll around and play while I started today's to-do list. Koper was yelling at me about something so I came back in the living room and found this. My thoughts exactly. I was so tired last night that while the kids ate dinner, I stretched out on the living room floor (not even the couch, but the floor...) for a few moments of quiet. I'm finding that the hours between 2 and 4 in the afternoon really drag around here and by the time I get to dinner I just want to put the kids away for the day, like little toys.

So, my question to you friends, what do you do to prevent the afternoon slump? How do you keep yourself off the living room floor?


Melissa said...

I use the afternoon to put Takeshi down for a nap, put a movie on for Yuki, and I get some much needed quiet time.
I do a number of things and it helps me to recharge before the dinner/bed rush.

The Crandizzles said...

Yup, I've totally felt like this the last couple of days/weeks/years.

Diet Coke. Sometimes that's the only thing that will get me through the day. It's my guilty pleasure!

Stephanie said...

Honestly? Sometimes I just embrace the floor. I have noticed though that our routine has changed over the years to accommodate the different phases (Kindergarten, all day school, etc.). I'm much better at knowing what's coming now and planning for it before it consumes me (sometimes).
For me, when I have lots of energy is when I have to get the most running-around stuff done. In the morning I try to do laundry, dishes, sorting/organizing, cleaning bathrooms, etc. Then I get lunch for them while I'm finishing up. When Evan takes a nap, Addie has quiet time up in the playroom or her room. And that's when I sit down to eat while catching up on a show, read, fold laundry . . . something I can do sitting down. By the time nap time is over I usually feel refreshed and ready to get the kids from school, do homework and make dinner. However, like I said, some days even that doesn't work and I just tell the kids to go upstairs while I close my eyes for a minute. You just do what you can! They don't call it the "witching hour" for nothing! ;o)

Tracy Giles said...

That is usually when I clean, but I'll be honest and say that sometimes I don't do much at all! Let me know when you come up with something good. Those are tough hours for me too!

Natalie said...

Yep 2-4 is the tricky time for me too. Carter is usually sleeping then so occasionally I have found myself napping with him :-) Otherwise I have realized it's better for everyone if I don't do anything too productive and actually take some well deserved mommy downtime!!