Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Ticket Christmas Item

Ok, so I don't know what everybody elses big ticket item was this christmas, but mine was the Waring Pro Food Slicer. Now let me explain, I have wanted my own meat/food slicer ever since I got home from my mission because just about every Slovene family has one on their counter and I would always get my meats, cheeses, and breads sliced at the store. I really had no clue that Lacey got this for me and I was really excited to get a big heavy box for christmas. I was a flood of emotions when I unwrapped it, mostly pure joy. Today I opened it and took it for its first test run. I was slicing anything I could. Lacey told me that anything I sliced had to be eaten, so I stuck to lunch items. I started with cheese slices for my breakfast burritos, awesome! Next, I sliced a tomato, logical! Then an orange, perfect! And last an apple, cool! The kids thought it was cool that the apple was in wheels rather than wedges and so we ate them. I felt like I wasted less food by having my food slicer than if I had used a kitchen knife, again awesome!!! I can't wait to buy a hunk of meat and just slice it up. Hail, to the Waring Pro Food Slicer, I highly reccomend you all get one. Yeah, I'm talking to you!


Melissa said...

I'd love a slicer. I just don't know where I'd fit it in our place.
Maybe once we're in our house I'll get one.
Glad you're enjoying it, and blogging.
Next year................remote starter for your car ;)

sethandlacey said...

I would love a remote starter for the car, that way I would not have to go out in the cold to start the car.

Natalie said...

That's awesome. I've never known anyone to to have one of these in their home. You mean business!

teeny said...

this is great seth! isn't great fun to get a surprise like that? i can imagine that your reaction was like the one tommy had when we got our new tv! he was 5 again!!!