Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

I forgot to mention that Koper can also sit on the barn due to its sure girth, quality, and durability.

We decided to get a real christmas tree this year. Our fake tree has been well worth the price we paid and been good but there is nothing like a real tree at christmas in the house. Our friends, the Woodburys, have a tree farm and trees over 10 feet were cheaper than trees under 10 feet. Well, we so happen to have a fairly high ceiling and decided to go big. A couple of weeks ago the whole family went to the Woodbury's tree farm and saw a lot of great trees and then we found ours. I cut it down dragged it to the truck, loaded it up and after a little pruning around the bottom it was in the house and decorated. In all it measured over 12 feet tall after it was cut down and trimmed.

A little size comparison with the boys and their letters to Santa.

All lite up.


Melissa said...

Merry Christmas guys.

teeny said...

wow! it's beautiful and the barn is a work of art!!!!
love you all!